Top 10 Short Hair Hairstyles for Men 2020 You Need to Own Right Now

I am going to brief you about Top 10 short hair hairstyles for men 2020 and will guide you to decide the kind of hair you want to sport in 2020!

Looking for short hair hairstyles for men 2020? Men with short hair generally find themselves doing their hair in a similar fashion day after day, given there is little room to play with. Must get real monotonous, no?

Not to mention!

January brings with it new trends, and let’s face it, we want to be the first ones to follow those among our social circle fellows!

Our hair speaks volumes about our personality; it can literally make it or break it. While it is important to be perfectly suited up with black leather shoes for a job interview, it is equally, if not more, essential to have neatly combed hair.

Many women, as a matter of fact, partially judge men, according to how their hair looks. There is a reason people dread going bald as they age. There is a reason people invest their savings into hair transplants. There is a reason L’Oreal and Kevin Murphy hair products are purchased every day.

You know what I’m at getting it right?

Now, I have established how important it is to style our hair in our daily lives, it only becomes a matter of question how to do so?

Are you frowning because you are a male with short hair (or intending to have short hair), and are completely oblivious to the upcoming cool short hair hairstyles for guys?

Well, you won’t once you read this article because I will now deliver to you some classy and elegant short hair hairstyles for men 2019.

10 Amazing Short Hair Hairstyles For Men 2020 You Should Try Today

Let us now take a look at 10 short hair hairstyles for men 2019

1. Low Fade Spiky Hair 2020

Different hair textures can be made to look fresher with different types of fades. This particular low-fade is a two-sided fade (from the left and from the right) with short spiky hair standing in a particular direction on the top.

This hairstyle might not be a very good idea for you if your face is round and broad because the faded hair will only enhance the roundness and the broadness. However, people with oval-shaped faces or pear-shaped faces might find their jaw-lines getting more prominent, adding to their sex appeal.

Fade Spiky Hair


2. Comb Over Fade Haircut 2020

This hairstyle is a tad bit different from low fade spikes, in that the fade extends from the sides towards the back area, right above the neck. A further addition is the shaved line which runs above the two side fades, and below the non-faded short hair.

The combover fade is the most ideal for short men, as it deceives the eyes by making one look taller.

The year 2019 has been seen a great deal of short-haired men getting their barbers give them a combover fade, and because it has been liked and approved by the masses, this hairstyle will continue to hit magazines come 2020.

Comb Over Fade Cut


3. The Bold Buzz Cut Haircut 2020

The buzz cut quite simply requires all your hair to be cut about half an inch or less. Now you’re probably thinking how a basic cut like this has made it to my list of short hair hairstyles 2020 ‘you need to know’.

I mean, what’s there to know here, right?

Well, for you to rock this hairstyle, you will be required to grow a stylish beard. The beard then complements this ‘basic’ cut very fashionably, giving your overall appearance a complete finished look.

This low-maintenance style is one you definitely need to try if you want to spare yourself the hassle of doing your hair every morning.

Buzz Cut Haircut


4. Waves and Curls 2020

It should come as no surprise that among-st all cute hairstyles for boy short hair, wavy and curly hair usually, by default, have a certain degree of edge over all others. They contribute more towards a man’s appearance, as compared to men’s’ hair that are not curly or wavy.

Point being, there is not much effort to be made with such hair because ladies take a fancy to their natural look!

The reason why I have added this in my list is

If you have wavy or curly hair, you might want to cut them short as the new year unfolds! Such hair textures generally go well with shorter hair by adding more masculinity to all facial features.

Curls Haircut


5. Slick Side Part 2020

The slick side part looks, well, pretty sleek. It has been every year’s to-do hairstyle for formal occasions where you need to adorn yourself with black suits and tuxedos. It is here to stay for 2020, given its significant appeal.

For this Harvey Specter look, your hair can be gelled neatly sideways, both ways, for a more conventional side part. To add a modern touch to this age-old mens short hair haircuts, your hair can be allowed to stand a little loose, instead of being completely forced down.

Slick Side Part


6. Slick Back Fade 2020

After reading the above hairstyle descriptions, this name is quite self-explanatory I think. The slick back fade has faded hair towards the bottom, while the shorter upper hair is to be rested towards the back.

The hair on the top will have to be longer than those required in all other hairstyles in this list of hairstyles for short hair males, however, they will still be relatively short. The slick back fade is one cut that suits few, so be careful before trying this out!

Back Fade


7. Messy Top Mens Hairstyles 2020

Messy hair has always been a part of fashion history, for women as well as men. They allow you to look more casual and relaxed, making you look attractive at the same time.

For a messy top all you have to do is leave your hair be, without touching any sort of combs or hair products on your short strands.

You may run your fingers along your hair to make them messier, or to part some strands that actually look neat on their own. This type of short hair hairstyle for men 2020 is best suited for casual brunches or dinners, college or laid-back Sunday afternoons.

Messy Mens Hairstyles


8. Messy Front Fringe 2020

The messy fringe front, like the messy top, is an informal, chic style. You can have your hair cut short overall, but leave the front a little longer so it can be styled in an appropriately angled fringe. This means that while the hair remains messy, it also looks, well, not-so-messy, what with the forehead covered in a fringe.

This type of cut can make one’s jawline noticeable and prominent, as long as it is not paired with a beard (which it ideally isn’t).

Front Fringe Hairstyle


9. Fluffy Spiky Hair 2020

This happens to be an ideal cut amongst all mens short hair spiky hairstyles, especially for those with thicker, voluminous hair. For fluffy spikes, you need to make all hair on your head get spiky.

There is no need to use excessive gel or  hair cream because it will steal the fluffiness from your hair. It is best to use minimal hair products for this style so the natural smoothness of the hair pertains.

Fluffy Spiky Hair


10. The Caesar Haircut 2020

The Caesar haircut is a combination of the buzz cut and the fluffy spikes. So basically, while you have your hair cut really short from the sides, you have fluffy spikes springing out from the center. Since there is very few hair to set, this cut is easy to maintain on a day to day basis.

Famous singer Adam Levine is often spotted carrying his hair in a perfect Caesar haircut.

Caesar Haircut


Few Tips

Before you begin styling your hair, keep in mind that any hair product should only be applied to the roots of the hair. Also, excessive usage of artificial hair products can gradually decrease the natural shine and glow of your hair.

In order to minimize the damage of all these processed chemicals, make sure you oil your hair frequently and make use of natural ingredients. Yoghurt, tomatoes, milk, tea, etc. can all come in handy when it comes down to looking after our hair.


In this ever-evolving world with its ever-evolving fashion trends, it has become vital for you to stay updated on matters that can apply to you.

Shoes, clothes, watches and hairstyles are some essentials you all need to pay some attention to. When it comes down to your hair, you are left at the mercy of your barbers to choose a cut that will enhance your facial features and give you an overall catchy look.

It is, of course, easier to carry short hair inyour busy routines. Also, some faces call for short hair instead of long ones. The above list of 10 short hair hairstyles for men 2020 can serve as a complete guide for you and your barber to choose a style that is the best fit for you.