Top 10 Men’s Haircuts 2020 To Enhance Your Looks Right Now

Top 10 Men’s Haircuts 2020 that will definitely help you a lot to choose a suitable haircut for your face shape to look handsome and stylish now

Are you searching for the Latest Trendy Haircuts? Do you want to know more about 10 Men Haircuts 2020 and their important details and styles?

You would get useful information here!

It is a fact that most of the guys face problems while choosing a haircut that suits them, because of their face shape and hair texture. A good and a well-shaped haircut matter a lot.

A complete guidance is very important about men’s hairstyles and haircuts!

So, must check this guide out;

The most important part of our body is our hair. Basically, it is your hair that gives you charm and personality. Having a perfect haircut, will complete your look and make you feel classy.

This article will definitely help you in understanding all the haircuts and the importance of their style, as I have gathered the Top 10 Men Haircuts 2020 to make you people helped in this context!

Men Haircuts 2020 to Try Now – Get a Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape

Want to look like a model, dapper or a diva?

Below I have listed a number of 20best Men’s Haircut 2019, that will help you a lot in choosing a perfect style!

  • Fade Haircut
  • Undercut Haircut for Men
  • Pompadour Haircut for Gents, 2020
  • Men Bun for Men,
  • Latest Haircut for men
  • Slicked Back Haircut for Men
  • Side Part Haircut for Gents, 2020
  • Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Men
  • Top best Short Haircuts for men
  • Short curly men’s haircuts
  • Hairstyles for guys and man
  • Men’s Long Style Haircuts

 Let me elaborate all the haircuts in detail;

1. Fade Haircut 2020

Fade hairstyle requires a lot of experience and effort, not all the hairstylists can do this fade haircut. The fade hairstyle is basically an art, a lot of attention, skills, experience and creativity is needed in this haircut. Men Haircut 2020 have a long number of classy cuts and styles.

  •  In this haircut, one can add many details such as; you can have low faded hair, high faded hair or regular faded   hair.
  • All these cuts come in different styles, some have a messy top, some have long top and some have short undercut hair.
  • Bald Fade also looks very classy in some cuts both sides of the head are faded, but in some cuts have faded hair at the back of the head.
  • Almost every kind of fade cuts is present for every face shape and hair texture.
  • Faded Haircuts always look cool and classic. And you can also add small details, with the help of razor you can have deep razor lines.

Some fade Haircuts are mentioned below

➢ Stylish disconnected fade
➢ Mid fade
➢ High fade
➢ Low fade
➢ Beckham fades
➢ Classic fades
➢ Jagged fade
➢ High & tight fade
➢ Modern style fades for guys
➢ Stylish fade haircut
➢ Messy fade haircut
➢ Clean fade haircut
➢ Fade cut with lines
➢ Taper cut fade

Mens Fade Haircut


2. Undercut Haircut for Men 2020

Models mostly use undercut hairstyle in photo shoots on runways, and for editorial looks. The undercut is a very famous haircut. This haircut is not going anywhere in 2020 because this cut is very popular among young boys, models, and TV stars. It looks quite lavish.

  •  This cut works well on wavy, curly and straight hair.
  •  You can do many experiments with this cut, you can add many details and designs in this cut.
  •  You can change this cut accordingly the way you want from old classic style to the modern version.
  •  In this, both sides of the head have well-trimmed hair; in some styles, you have a long top, messy top, wavy    top,    curly top, straight top, fringes and small knots on the top.
  •   In some styles, you can have a slightly long puff, slicked back styles with firmly handled hair, or long undercut   strands and well maintained popped up hair.Some of the haircuts are mentioned below

Classic style Undercuts
➢ Undercut layers
➢ Slicked Back style
➢ Side Undercut
➢ Puffy Undercuts
➢ Disconnected cut and Undercut style
➢ Long Undercut
➢ Knot Undercut Style
➢ Pompadour Undercut
➢ Forward Undercut

Undercut Haircut For Men


3. Pompadour Haircut for Gents 2020

  • Pompadour Haircut looks very sassy and stylish. This style is very common among men. And this style will be the  greatest hit in Men Haircut 2020 list.
  • In this Haircut, you will have short sides and long hairs on top.
  • You can handle the top part with Backcombed style.
  • With this haircut you can have many styles; slicked back style will give you dapper look, big layers on top, messy top with short sides, classy wavy top, fade style with a long top, and curly Pompadour.

Some Pompadour cuts are listed below

➢ Slicked back Pompadour Haircut
➢ Layered hair Pompadour style
➢ Shaggy style
➢ Wavy Pompadour cut
➢ Fade Pompadour
➢ Curly undercut style
➢ Classy Pompadour Haircut Backcombed Pompadour style

Pompadour Haircut


4. Men’s Bun, Latest Haircut for Men 2020

Men’s bun style looks glamorous. This Hairstyle is very popular. In Men Haircuts 2020 style list, this style will be much in trend.

● It has many styles For this look, it’s important for you to have perfect hair length.
● It also helps to manage your long hair yet looks cool. It is popular for hipsters.
● Topknot also looks quite modern, and you can also add many variations to this top knot style.
●  You can style your bun exactly the way you want. You can have a simple bun, messy bun and more.

5. Clip-on Man Buns 2020

You can also use clip on buns for perfect hair bun style. With this, hair looks healthier and classy.

Some styles related to Men Bun are listed below

Simple bun Hairstyle

➢ Low chignon

➢ High pony knot

➢ Blonde top knot

➢ Natural Curly hair half updo

➢ Low neat knot

Mens Bun Haircut


Mens Bun Haircut


6. Slicked Back Haircut for Men 2020

The Slicked back haircut is basically inspired from old hairstyles. This is basically a contemporary hair style.

  • You can add many styles to this haircut, it can be utilized with any hair length, hair type, and hair texture.
  • These styles are best for any occasion.
  • Men haircut 2019 will have a number of the best cuts like this one.
  • In this haircut, simple comb back your hair well, add gel for a glossy and shiny look.

This Haircut includes many styles like

  • Slick Back Classic Style
  • Slick Back Curls
  • Long Hair Slick Back
  • Facial Hair Slick Back Style
  • Slick Back with Perfect Volume
  • Side Part Slick Style
  • Pompadour Slick Back
  • Slick Back Men Bun
Slicked Back Haircut


7. Side Part Haircut for Gents 2020

The side part hairstyle is basically a mix of two versions; old and modern. This is a re-invented hairstyle for classy and stylish Men. This is quite popular and will be in 2020.

Men haircuts 2020 will rock. This haircut is very sophisticated. You can adopt many styles related to this haircut. Some are good for professional people, some of the young guys.

This haircut is a great mix of a modern touch.

Some styles are mentioned below

Classic side part
➢ Modern side part

Side Part Haircut


8. Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Men 2020

This haircut has the shortest hair. Short hair always stays in fashion and looks too sassy. They don’t need much effort and styling. The Buzz Cut is very easy to handle.
You are always ready to go anywhere with this haircut. Men Haircuts 2019 include the most happening haircuts.

Below Mentioned is some buzz cut’s style

Zayn Malik’s buzz cut style
➢ Short buzz
➢ Fade buzz and line up style
➢ Shaved hair
➢ Buzz fade with hard part
➢ SMedium buzz
➢ Long buzz and mid fade

buzz Cut Hairstyle


9. Best Short Haircuts for Men 2020

Short haircuts always look modern and they are quite easy to manage. This hairstyle is listed in top trends.

Some of the names related to the best short Haircuts are mentioned below

  • Short Textured style
  • High and tight
  • Textured Crop and Blunt Fringe
  • Long buzz with lines
  • Blunt crop
  • Length at the hair line
  • Short Curls + Burst Fade
  • Low fade and short hair
  • Short Side Part Hair
  • Waves and lines
  • Short Side Part Hair
  • Crop and Shaved Line
Short Haircuts For Men


Short Haircut


Short Haircut For Men


10. Short Curly Men’s Haircuts 2020

Curly hair is always hard to handle. And much time is needed to do the styling. But below mentioned are some short curly haircuts for men

  • Windswept curls and waves
  • Rock and Roller Style
  • Curly top
  • All day style
  • Lions Mane cut
  • Silver waves
  • Curly Mohawk
  • Natural curls fade
  • Fluffy curls
  • Professional curls
  • Punk style
Short Curly Mens Hairstyles


Curly Mens Hairstyles


Hairstyles for Guys 2020

Some of the top hairstyles for men are mentioned below

  • Pompadour Haircut
  • Combover Haircut
  • Bangs Haircut
  • Crew cut
  • Caesar cut
  • Tapper Haircut
  • Induction cut
  • Burr cut
Hairstyles For Guys


Men’s Long Style Haircuts 2020

Long hair is always quite hard to handle and maintain. Long hair always needs little effort and time. There are many styles which you can follow and have a perfect long cut. It also depends on your face and hair texture that which type of longer cut will suit you. You can make a bun, top knot, ponytail, messy hair or have layers. Many styles are there; it is up to you that what you like to have. Men Haircuts 2020 have the latest styles and curls for long hair.

Below mentioned are some styles which you can have with long hair

  • Twist in bun style
  • Men’s half up pony
  • The semi bun
  • Braided Rows
  • Dutch braids for men
  • Men’s half up ponytail for curly hair
  • Shoulder length sides part
  • The loose bun
  • Shaggy mess style
  • Mid Half bun
  • Men fishtail
  • Short curly bun
  • Rough and random style
  • Pompadour
Mens Long Style Haircut


Mens Long Hairstyles


Men’s Haircut According to the Face Shape

There is every kind of face shape and with every face shape, there are also specific hairstyles and haircuts. Face shape matters a lot before having a Haircut.

  • Oval shaped face can have almost any kind of haircut from buzz cut to long hair with a bun.
  • With a round face, you can go for undercut style, slicked up or peaked hawk. But if you want to have long hair,
  • then must have bangs at the end, they will look perfect.
  • With square face type, you can have slicked back haircut or spikes.
  • With heart or triangle face type, you can go with spiky style.
  • With a long face, avoid adding much height to hair, keep them simple or messy.

Haircuts for Men

Guys always want to try some new and cool, whereas most of the men want to look stylish, classy and professional. Boys also love to have messy hair or buns etc.

Some hairstyles for guys and men are mentioned below

  • Pompadour Haircut
  • Comb over style
  • Bang haircut
  • Crew cut
  • Caesar haircut
  • Taper haircut
  • Induction haircut
  • Buzz cut
  • Fade haircut
  • High and tight style
  • Long messy hair
  • Messy bun
  • Shaggy haircut
  • Long curly hair
  • Wavy haircut
  • Long braided hairstyle
  • Undercut style
  • Unique boys haircut
  • Shaved art
  • Short sides
  • Modern punk


2020 will be the year with many new classy trends and haircuts. Men’s Haircuts 2020 includes a wide range of varieties related hairstyles and details. For every face type, there is a particular hair style, but some haircuts suit on every face shape. There are different categories of cuts, some haircuts are specifically for boys and some are for professional men. You can also try curly, wavy and messy haircuts, but these types of haircuts suit on guys with long hair. Gents haircuts have their own importance because your style and haircut defines your personality and personal taste very well. Be selective about your haircuts and choose such haircut that will suit you.