Top 24 Hipster Haircuts for Men 2020 to Get a Super Stylish Look

Here I have shared with you some stylish hipster haircuts 2020 for guys. Get any of these stylish haircuts to get an upgraded look effortlessly.

Not all men have the same facial features. Depending on your distinct features, there are different cuts that suit you. Do you know that what hipster haircuts 2020 to try now? In this post, I am going to share with you the hipster haircuts 2019 that are stylish and will help you in elevating your style.

I strongly agree with the fact that;

The haircut you get, decides how you look. For classic looks, there are classic cuts. The same way, for stylish appearances, there are numerous stylish haircuts. These days, the trend going to the top is the trend of hipster haircuts.

Haircuts do not have any specific styles. There is a large variety if you look for any style such as long haircuts, short haircuts, curly haircuts, and now the most stylish hipster haircuts 2019. When there are numerous styles of haircuts, how would you choose the right cut for you?

Let me gladly announce that;

…Here, I am going to guide you about the trendy haircuts now. I am going to discuss in detail about the recent hipster haircuts 2020 and the underlying looks you will get. So, have a look at the haircut styles shared below and pick up your haircut style.

Should I Get a Hipster Haircut? 

The answer is that;

Some men are stylish and they need a stylish feel too. To update your style from classic to stylish, the thing that plays a fundamental role is your haircut. The hipster haircuts 2020 are the cuts that can instantly transform your style. These are the most appropriate haircuts the stylish men must try. With a right hipster haircut, you can turn the heads of others, as you will get a look at the top. 

Hipster Haircuts 2020 for Men that Will Upgrade Your Style Instantly

Hipster haircuts 2020 are in vogue now. These are the haircuts needed for lifting up your style instantly. Getting a hipster haircut will bring a drastic change in your appearance. The haircuts have been taken from the top classic styles of the haircuts that have been popular for years.

So, if you get a hipster haircut

  • You will get a new style.
  • It will make you look stylish.
  • You will get a modern-day look.
  • You can enjoy different

Hipster Hairstyles for Guys

There are many different hairstyles for men that are helpful in giving men different looks. There are classic hairstyles that have been too much popular for years.

After these hairstyles as the fashion advanced, twists were added in these old hairstyles. This way, many modern hairstyles have been introduced that give men the most popular looks.

These hairstyles these days are known as the hipster hairstyles. Here are some top hipster hairstyles that are popular these days.

Raised Front Short Hairstyle

Front Short Hairstyle


  • Short hipster haircuts are getting more in fashion now.
  • To get a clean and a neat look, this is one of the coolest hipster hairstyles.
  • If you have short hair, get the hairstyle with clean sides.
  • On the top of the head, there is a raised front.
  • This is a cool hairstyle for cool guys.

Skin Fade Hipster Hairstyle 

Skin Fade Hipster Hairstyle


  • Here is another cool hairstyle for young guys.
  • The hairstyle looks perfect is you have short, thick hair.
  • Also, for long waves, skin fade hairstyle is a choice at the top.
  • Get this trending hairstyle and enjoy an upgraded style instantly effortlessly.

Modern Quiff Hairstyle

Modern Quiff Hairstyle


  • Quiff hairstyles are the perfect hipster haircuts for thin hair for guys to look advanced.
  • Another hipster hairstyle that has become much popular among men of all ages is the quiff hairstyle.
  • The hairstyle, when styled with long wavy hair, looks unexpected and gives you an appealing look.
  • This is the hairstyle that has a masculine style in its true sense and adds masculinity to men’s look.
  • The hairstyle is classic as well as modern and suitable for old men as well as for teens.

Stylish Pompadour Hairstyle

Stylish Pompadour Hairstyle


  • The classic men’s hairstyles that have made a comeback are the pompadour hairstyles.
  • These hairstyles are an optimal choice for medium-age guys.
  • If you love the neat and sleek look, try pompadour hairstyles and get your wanted look.
  • Try the hairstyle with some fading on the sides for a stylish look.
  • Get the hairstyle if you have thick hair and you will get the perfect hairstyle you need.

Side Swept Undercut Hairstyles

Side Swept Undercut


  • The hipster hairstyles that are rocking these days are the undercut hairstyles.
  • Different haircuts combined with an undercut create a variety of hairstyles.
  • For a modern look, try a side swept hairstyle with an undercut.
  • The side swept hairstyle looks perfect for thick hair if combined with a drop or low fade.

Brushed Up Hairstyles

Brushed Up Hairstyles


  • Brushed up hairstyles have a cool and clean look.
  • For getting the look of a celebrity, it is the right hipster hairstyle worthy to try.
  • For young guys, the hairstyle is a top choice for a delicate style.
  • The hairstyle has become a top street style these days.
  • Get any hipster haircut and brush your hair up and you will get the hairstyle.

Some Good Hipster Haircuts for Guys 2020

Below, I have rounded up top men’s hipster haircuts if you need a new look. Get one of these cool hipster haircuts for an updated style.

  1. Asymmetrical Messy Hipster Haircut
  2. Men’s Textured Fringe Haircut
  3. One Side Undercut Haircut
  4. Low Fade With Wavy Pomp
  5. Choppy Hipster Haircut
  6. Taper Fade with Wavy Hair
  7. Tight Undercut Haircut
  8. Angular Fringe Haircut 2020
  9. Short Hair With Bangs
  10. Undercut with Front Bangs
  11. Undercut Top Knot
  12. Slicked pompadour Haircut
  13. Messy Curly Waves with Drop Fade
  14. Slicked Back With Beard
  15. Hot Spiky Hipster Haircut
  16. Undercut Man Bun Hairstyle 2020
  17. Long Messy Hair with Short Sides
  18. High Faded Long Wavy Hair
  19. Surgical Line Long Messy Hair
  20. Wavy Hair with Faded Bottom
  21. Tall Pompadour with an Undercut
  22. Long Fringe Low Fade Haircut 2020
  23. No Fade Messy Waves
  24. Soft Curls Haircut 2020

1. Asymmetrical Messy Hipster Haircut 2020

Messy Hipster Haircut


  • If you want to try a haircut that is sexy and attractive, this is the haircut to get now.
  • These asymmetrical hipster haircuts 2020 for guys with curly hair are trending in 2020.
  • Curly hair has a messy look and messy haircuts are the best choice for messy curly hair.
  • Simply get a stylish asymmetrical hipster haircut, mess up your hair, and get the look.
  • This asymmetrical haircut is a great choice for guys who love to have a hot messy look.
  • Get this sexy and trending messy haircut and it will add drama to your masculine look.

2. Men’s Textured Fringe Haircut 2020

Mens Textured Fringe Haircut


  • If you like fringe styles, the haircut you can try is the men’s textured fringe haircut.
  • These hipster haircuts 2020 stand perfectly if your hair is thick and straight.
  • There are full of texture fringes on the top of the head.
  • The haircut may have shaved sides or little fading on the back.
  • Get the haircut in your own style and get a new appearance.

3. One Side Undercut Haircut 2020

One Side Undercut Haircut


  • If you love the sleek undercut hairstyles, this is one of the cool hipster haircuts for guys.
  • For young men, this is a unique cut for getting a distinguished style instantly.
  • The undercut on one side that begins the style have added a sexy look to this haircut.
  • Before you style your hair, blow-dry your hair to adding volume.
  • Hair flowing over your eyes will make this haircut more engaging.
  • Follow this hipster side part hair fashion and look up-to-date.

4. Low Fade With Wavy Pomp 2020

Low Fade


  • The haircuts with hard parts have become the hottest choice of the guys.
  • This is the haircut for you if you have wavy hair and love pompadour hairstyles.
  • First, low fading is performed on the sides and the hair is side parted.
  • There are long waves on the top full of texture.
  • The haircut is a perfect choice for men of all ages.

You can also try

  • Wavy pomp with taper fade
  • Wavy pomp with drop fade
  • High fade with wavy pomp
  • Curly pomp with a low fade
  • Curly pop with drop fade
  • Straight pomp with a low fade

5. Choppy Hipster Haircut 2020

Choppy Hipster Haircut


  • Do you need a well groomed as well as a stylish look? Get the choppy hipster haircuts.
  • This delicate haircut is, in fact, a modified form of blended haircut or you may also try choppy hipster haircut shaved sides.
  • For a clean look, the sides are cut into a blended haircut.
  • The rest of the hair is cut into choppy layers.
  • Choppy layers are of different lengths and give you a modern look.
  • So, get this blended undercut haircut right now to get a tousled look.

6. Taper Fade with Wavy Hair 2020

Taper Fade With Wavy Hair


  • This is a sleek haircut for the guys with long wavy hair.
  • For a masculine look, this is one of the best men’s hipster haircuts.
  • The sides are given a tapered fading.
  • On the top, long wavy hair is set free to create a style.
  • With a beard, you will get a look with enhanced masculinity in this haircut.
  • Get this trending tapered haircut right now and have an upgraded style.

You can also try

  • Wavyhipster haircuts 2019 with high fade
  • Curly hair with taper fade
  • Sleek hair with taper fade
  • Slicked back hair with taper fade

7. Tight Undercut Haircut 2020

Tight Undercut Haircut


  • Do you love to have a full volume of hair on the top?
  • In this hipster haircut, the sides, as well as back, are properly cut into a tight undercut.
  • The hair on the top is full of texture and create the look of a voluminous top.
  • For college guys or for the guys with thin hair, this haircut is a perfect choice.

8. Angular Fringe Haircut 2020

Angular Fringe Haircut


  • The fashion of hair fringes is on the top among men and women.
  • After the trend of asymmetrical haircuts, this is another in style asymmetrical haircut.
  • In this haircut, angular fringes are cut with a side-parted hairstyle.
  • For long and thin hair, this is a perfect hipster haircut.
  • Get this haircut for a re-invented hairstyle.

9. Short Hair With Bangs 2020

Short Hair With Bangs


  • The hipster haircuts 2020 that are getting popular these days are the short haircuts.
  • When bangs are added to short hair, the guys look really chic.
  • This is a chic hipster haircut for smart young guys.
  • In addition, if you are a teenager, you must try this stylish haircut.

10. Undercut with Front Bangs 2020

Undercut With Front Bangs


  • This is a worthy haircut 2020 for teenagers especially.
  • In this new haircut, the sides and the back are given a deep or a faded undercut.
  • There are long bangs on the top of the head.
  • The long bags look really eye-catching as well as stylish.
  • To get the look of a cool boy, get this hipster haircut and look ultra look.

11. Undercut Top Knot 2020

Undercut Top Knot


  • This trending haircut is a transformed form of classic top knot haircut.
  • In this haircut, the sides and also the back are given an undercut.
  • The hair on the top is left longer in length.
  • A top knot is made of hair on the top for an upgraded top knot hairstyle.

Here you have many style options such as

  • High undercut top knot
  • Low undercut top knot
  • High faded undercut top knot
  • Tight undercut top knot

12. Slicked pompadour Haircut 2020

Slicked Pompadour Haircut


  • This new hipster haircut is for the cool guys get a cool look.
  • For thin and straight hair, it is a perfect haircut when you need to look formal.
  • It is equally suitable for men as well as for young guys.
  • There is no hair flowing free and you will be looking ultra-chic.

13. Messy Curly Waves with Drop Fade 2020

Messy Curly Waves With Drop Fade


  • Do you have curly, wavy hair? It is the hipster haircut to get.
  • The messy haircuts are the perfect haircuts for curly wavy hair.
  • Simple mess up the hair slightly after back-combing to get the perfect hairstyle.
  • Get the ends of hair tapered with sides given a drop fades and enjoy a new look.

14. Slicked Back With Beard 2020

Slicked Back With Beard


  • If you also love to have full bread, this is a perfect haircut for you.
  • Slicked back hipster haircuts for guys will be a top choice if your hair is thick and sleek.
  • The slicked back style is ultra-chic and perfect for professional or decent guys.
  • Also, these hipster haircuts 2020 are stylish and will give you an inspiring look instantly.

15. Hot Spiky Hipster Haircut 2020

Hot Spiky Hipster Haircut


  • Spiky hipster haircuts 2020 are the hottest hairstyles for hot guys.
  • This is another stylish spiky haircut with the sides and the back having an undercut.
  • The hair on the top is longer in length and there are spikes on the top for a sexy style.
  • For teenagers, this is the haircut that is an amazing choice.

Here are some haircut ideas

  • Spiky haircut with high fade
  • Spiky haircut with a low fade
  • Spiky hairstyle with taper fade

16. Undercut Man Bun Hairstyle 2020

Undercut Man Bun Hairstyle


  • Do you like the hairstyles with hair wrapped up? Try his stylish haircut.
  • In this haircut, the sides are given an undercut.
  • The hair on the top is longer in length to make bun hairstyles.
  • For different undercut haircuts, you can get different looks in this trending haircut.
  • If your hair is thin, this is the hipster haircut to try right now for the look of a rock star.
  • The haircut is highly popular among the rock stars and the top celebrities.

17. Long Messy Hair with Short Sides 2020

Long Messy Hair


  • Are you a teenager and want to have a rocking look? Try this new hipster haircut.
  • To get these hipster haircuts 2020, the sides are cut shorter in length.
  • The hair on the top of the head has a longer length. Or another idea is to try hipster haircut long on top shaved sides.
  • To get the perfect hairstyle, mess up the long hair and put sunglasses and look chic.
  • This haircut is the most suitable choice if you have curly hair as messy curls look sexier.

18. High Faded Long Wavy Hair 2020

High Faded Long Wavy Hair


  • If you love the haircuts with some fading, you would definitely love this trending haircut.
  • In this haircut, the sides are high faded.
  • The hair on the top is set free and you get the perfect wavy hairstyle.
  • For a messy look, simply mess up long waves and get an attractive look.

You can also try

  • High faded sleek top
  • High faded curly top
  • High faded short top
  • High faded with spikes on top

19. Surgical Line Long Messy Hair 2020

Surgical Line Long Messy Hair


  • These are the hipster haircuts 2020 for the guys who are looking for the most stylish hairstyle.
  • In this haircut, the hair is side parted and there are long flowing messy layers.
  • On a side, there are trending surgical lines showing off your skin.
  • For college guys, it is the best haircut to get right now.
  • The haircut is the perfect choice for the guys who have long messy hair especially.

20. Wavy Hair with Faded Bottom 2020

Wavy Hair With Faded Bottom


  • Do you want to get a stylish hipster haircut that is clean and perfectly tapered?
  • This is the haircut for working guys get a clean stylish look.
  • In this tapered haircut, the back or the bottom of the head is given a faded undercut.
  • Combine the haircut with a full beard and you will get the perfect hairstyle.
  • The haircut combining clean lines is suitable for the men of all ages with wavy hair especially.

21. Tall Pompadour with an Undercut 2020

Tall Pompadour With An Undercut


  • This is the haircut that is stylish and perfectly suitable for the guys with unmanageable hair.
  • It will give you a new artistic look provided that you maintain your style the right way.
  • To get the haircut, grow your hair to get the hair of longer length on the top.
  • Perform an undercut haircut on the sides and you will get a perfect style.

Here are the top styling ideas

  • Tall pompadour with high undercut
  • Tall pompadour with low undercut
  • Faded undercut with tall pompadour

22. Long Fringe Low Fade Haircut 2020

Long Fringe Low Fade Haircut


  • Some guys love to have the haircuts with a fringe for an attractive look.
  • This is another haircut for teenagers for a chic look.
  • The sides are low faded or you may also try taper fade.
  • On the top, the hair has more texture and a long fringe touching the eye almost.
  • Get this haircut if your hair is thick and wavy and you will get the best trending style.

23. No Fade Messy Waves 2020

No Fade Messy Waves


  • Do you have wavy hair? Here is a perfect haircut idea if you want to get a messy style.
  • The haircut is free from any fading such as high, low, or taper.
  • On the top, the waves are tapered and then messed up for creating a style.
  • With a side part, the haircut looks more styling.
  • Try this sexy hairstyle with faded beard style to get a hot look instantly.

You can also try

  • Center part messy waves hipster haircuts 2020
  • High fade side part messy waves
  • Low fade center part messy waves
  • Taper fade long messy waves

24. Soft Curls Haircut 2020

Soft Curls Haircut


  • Curly hair cannot be managed. There is a need of a haircut to make hair manageable.
  • A haircut with messy, soft curls is the cut that can ease the pain.
  • This haircut is perfect for teenagers and you can style the hair in just a minute.
  • Also, for adding a bit of style, you may combine soft curls with some fading.


This is the end of the talk on hipster haircuts 2020. Here, I shared the best haircuts that are in fashion now and have a classic background. All of these hipster haircuts included in the post are classic and loved by the men of all ages.

For different age groups and for different types of hair, different hairstyles or haircuts suit the best. I have added a brief description for all haircuts comprising the best age group and the hair type to get the haircut. Have a look at these trending styles and choose a hairstyle for you.

There is nothing difficult in styling your hair if you get the right haircut. For this, always consult your hairdresser. Irrespective of the ongoing trends, get the haircuts according to your hair type, age, and face shape for getting the most appropriate look.