Men Hairstyles 2020 – 15 Hairstyles That Will Upgrade Your Style Now

Here I’m going to present the Top 15 Trendy Men Hairstyles 2020, with Perfect Haircut and fine details that make you look Stylish and Modern now and that is elegant in 2020.

Are you looking for the best Men Hairstyles 2020 and want to have a perfect haircut that will define your look?

Then you are definitely in the right spot!

It is a fact that:

…Wearing the best hairstyle is a very necessary thing nowadays because it adds a specific to shape of your head and personality.

There are a number of new men hairstyles that can help in changing your look, but not all of them suit you. Yes, you have to be a bit conscious of wearing any hairstyle.

The Hairstyle is an essential part of your appearance and look. It has a great significance as it is a symbol of an individual’s look, personality, and taste.

Want to know the best thing?

There are a number of hairstyles that can help you create a statement. The hairstyle is the first most noticeable part of a personality.

Now you can have the best hairstyle which you actually want for yourself, without being worried.


So, here’s the solution to try now:

I have compiled a list of top 15 Men Hairstyles 2020 and mentioned their importance with some points related to its style and cut. Now you can easily understand about hairstyles; perfect haircuts; and which style will look the best for you in terms of the face shape!

An Ultimate Guide About The Latest Men Hairstyles 2020 To Try Now

A good haircut that suits you, actually completes your appearance, style, and look.

What is the best men hairstyle and why is it important?

Here are some points mentioned below to explain what good hairstyle actually gives you? These points will also explain that, why a proper haircut is important.

Men Hairstyles 2019
  •    Gives you confidence.
  •    Gives you Versatility.
  •    Easy to manage.
  •    Projects your personality.
  •    Grows nicely.
  •    Suits your look.
  •    It feels good.

List of Men Hairstyles 2020:

  1. Disconnected cut with faded sides hairstyles for Men 2020
  2. Braided Rocky Hairstyles for 2020
  3. Stylish curly and wavy Hairstyles for Men 2020
  4. Faded Haircuts for 2020
  5. Tapered style Haircut 2020
  6. Mushroom style Round cut Haircuts for Men 2020
  7. Heavy Sponge Curls for Men
  8. Popped-up Blowout Hairstyles Men 2020
  9. Long hair, men’s hairstyles 2020
  10. Bun Hairstyle 2020
  11. Professional cuts for Gents 2020
  12. Top Trendy hairstyles 2020
  13. Long Quiff Hairstyles 2020
  14. Low Faded Men’s Hairstyle 2020
  15. Braided styles for Men 2020
  16. Ponytail hairstyles for Men 2020
  17. Voluminous Hairstyles for Men 2020

Men Haircuts 2020

Top haircuts for 2020 are listed below

  1. Fade
  2. Undercut
  3. Pompadour
  4. Man-bun
  5. Slicked back
  6. Side part
  7. Buzz cut
Now, let me elaborate more about Men Hairstyles 2020 in detail:

  • Highly Faded Side Hairstyles For Men With Hair Parting 2020:


  •    If you are looking for an adventurous look, then this hairstyle is correct for you.
  •    Disconnected cut for Gents, 2020 is the excellent choice for anybody who likes this cut.
  •    This haircut got this name because the hair on top is disconnected from the sides.
  •    The parting of longer hair on top of the short hair, on the sides isn’t that much connected.
  •    There is a side where the long hair stops and the short hair immediately begins at both sides.
  •    Disconnected undercut hairstyle is great for those guys who want a straightforward look.

Braided Rocky Hairstyles for Gents 2020



  • This hairstyle is specially created for the artists related to the Music Industry.
  • In Music Industry, appearance matters a lot because their style represents their attitude towards music.
  • In the list of Men Hairstyles 2019, this style seems to be very much in trend in the coming days.

Hanging Braids

In this hairstyle, it’s easy to pull hair; all you need is to have long hair and good braiding skills.

People living in America, mostly have this kind of hairstyle.

Braided Mini Bun

Rather than having a large bun, you can make small buns by weaving some braids to form a mini-bun. Hanging braids on sides make the design more attractive.

Braided Crown Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, braids are tied on the head. And this looks quite cool.

Twisted Pony

For this hairstyle, you need long and thick hair. And then tie them back into a ponytail.

Twisted Ponytail Men


Creative Braids with Pattern

In hairstyle like this, scalp is more visible, braids of rectangular forms make a unique design.

Creative Braids with Pattern


Stylish Curly and Wavy Hairstyles for Men 2020



  •    A man with curly or long hair has the advantage over other hairstyles.
  •    Because they can make any hairstyle.
  •    They can do different types of experiments with their hair; long hair and curly hair give you many advantages.
  •    They can easily try almost every hairstyle related to top trends.

There is some natural style one can have with such hair:

  • Fade cut for blonde hair
  • Messy Wavy hair
  • Long curls
  • Man’s wavy bun
  • Spiky Long Hair
  • Messy Curly Low Bun

Faded Haircuts for Men 2020



You can do many experiments with your fade hair look. The faded style on both sides can change your boring haircut and makes it classic. Men Hairstyle 2020 has very trendy and classic cuts with fine details.

  • Slicked-Back Top Faded Sides:

In this hairstyle, long top with soft textured hair on both sides is present. Then the hair on the top area is gently combed back. Little Faded part looks good with fade bald.

  • Razor Fade Spiky Hairstyle:

In this, faded sides are present on both sides of the head. And it looks pretty cool. A razor Fade highlights on the sides and looks more elegant.

  • Tapered-Fade Hairstyle:

In this, bald fade is given at the sides and on the nape of the neck and that adds the vintage touch.

  • Razor Hard Part:

In this hairstyle, neck and both sides of the head have this low bald fade style. In this surgical razor, part looks quite elegant,

  • Asian Faded Style:

This style is separated into a different style partitions and sections of hair, to create a perfect faded look. And a fade cut on the top makes it attractive.

  • Tapered Style Haircuts for Gents 2020:


The Tapered cut has many styles included like fade skin cut, lines with a razor, and bald fade. It is a very versatile hairstyle. Its various designs are available for any kind of hair lengths and types. It can be high fade, low fade or a normal fade. It’s up to you that which haircut you want. These faded cuts are available for all hair types and lengths.

  • Temple fade
  • Wavy temple fade
  • Parted Top with Temple fade
  • Comb-over with Temple fade
  • Curly Top with low Fade
  • Curly Top with bald fade

Mushroom Style Cut Bowl Haircuts for Men 2020



This Round Mushroom style will be the biggest hit in 2020. Anyone can adopt this hairstyle; professional people or young guys. In this hairstyle, sides are chopped into short hairs with long tops. You can easily have this round cut. You use dyes of the different color to make it more classic. Men Hairstyle 2020 includes some old cuts as well as some latest and new styles.

Mushroom hairstyle for Male

  • Curly Round Haircut
  • Classic Haircut
  • Pastel Green Round Mushroom Haircut
  • Purple Round Haircut
  • Round Mushroom White Haircut

Popped-Up Blowout Hairstyles Men 2020



Before choosing any hairstyle, first you need to consider facial features and hair length. Today’s old trends are coming back and paired with new cuts and details. There are many styles and different details of blowout hairstyles for men because of this style, hair on the top are long and side hair is properly curved.

  • And on top hair, you can give blowout height. By adding some gloss, your hair will look perfectly classy.
  • With the slight mess on the top hair will make your hair looking more stylish and in this, faded side become clearer.
  • And in another style, you can have trimmed hair cut with faded sides, by adding extra texture make your hair blowout bit more.
  • A long hair on the crown area gives you more advantage to having incredible hairstyles.

Some important cuts of this Hairstyle are mentioned below:

  • Long top haircut
  • Hair salon discount
  • Messy Curly Top simple and smart haircut
  • Rolled up faux

Long Hair Men’s Hairstyle 2020



Men’s long hairstyles always require little effort and proper attention. You have to be careful about your hair as sometimes it gets hard to manage. With long hair, you can try any hairstyle. But be careful about your facial features and hair texture. Long hairstyles will not go anywhere from the list of Men Hairstyle 2018.

  •  With long hair, you can have curls, messy hairstyle, and with a flat iron, you can have straight hair to manage your diva look.
  •  You can also make the ponytail with long hair to get comfortable.
  •  Shaggy finish to hair makes your hair look stylish and unique.

Below are some top cuts for 2019 related to long hair:

  • Long hair hairstyle
  • A Distinguished look
  • Rocky hairstyle
  • Man’s ponytail
  • Shaggy layered hairstyle
  • Long, natural curls

Bun Hairstyle for Guys 2020:




Men are the most curious about their hairstyles as we all know that 2019 is coming and new trends are also here. Short and long all types of hairstyle will have their place in the latest trends. Men, who have long hair, now can easily control their hair with unique and stylish hair buns.

You can have a simple hair bun or make a high pony knot, it will definitely look so sassy, half up do’s also look very great. Men’s bun will be the biggest hit in the list of Men Hairstyle 2019.

Below are mentioned some stylish buns:

  • Simple bun Hairstyle
  • Low chignon
  • High pony knot
  • Blonde top knot
  • Natural Curly hair half updo
  • Low neat knot

Professional Cuts for Gents 2020



Nowadays it’s important to have a clean, professional hairstyle. Young businessman wants to look stylish as well. At a professional place, hairstyle shouldn’t be messy and boring.

  • In professional hairstyles you can also have trimmed sides and left side puff quite long; with long hair on the top, you can also have sleek and messy style.
  •    You can also use professional hair dyes; line dark brown color, brown or shades of black.

Some professional hairstyles are mentioned below:

    • Man-bun
    • Neatly clipped side or golden brown hair
    • Copper slick back hairstyle
    • Attention grabbing style
    • Side parted style

Long Quiff Hairstyles for Men 2020



The Quiff hairstyles are in fashion for so long because these cuts add many details. And young people like this style very much. Gents hairstyles catch a lot of attention if handled properly. Men Hairstyle 2020 has some very good styles, cuts, razor lines and details.

  • In this Hairstyle, both sides are faded and with long hair on the top middle area, in some cuts, you can have a messy top with razor lines.
  • Some you can make spikes with long strands and also push back your hair by applying gel for gentleman look, you can also dye your quiff hair style.
  • And with more volume and texture, can also make messy bangs.

Some cuts are listed below:

  • High fade quiff
  • Messy quiff hairstyles
  • Subtitle spikes
  • Messy bangs
  • Golden blonde quiff hairstyles

Low Faded Men Hairstyles 2020



If you are looking for some trendy Hairstyles this article can help you a lot. The low faded hairstyle is much in style and looks absolutely classy.

  •    In this Hairstyle, half hair disappears from back as well as from the sides.
  •    In this Hairstyle, you can have wavy hair with long hair on crown area, you can also have faded style with big bang strands, and slick back also looks cool with a faded region on a head.

Men Hairstyle 2019 are modern, classic and unique.

Some low fade hairstyles are listed below:

  • Wavy low fade hairstyle
  • Choppy bangs and faded hairstyle
  • Slick back with low fade
  • Easy shortcut with fade
  • Layered haircut with low fade
  • Slicked back undercut haircut

Braided Hairstyles for Men 2020:



Braids are very much in trend and will be in trend in 2020. For this classy hairstyle, you should have long and well-maintained hair. Then you can make French braids.

Latest braid styles are listed below:

  • Cornrows and braids
  • Extra-long braids
  • French braid and ponytails
  • Side braided hairstyle
  • Long fishtail

Ponytail Hairstyles for Men 2020:

Pony Tail Hairstyle


Long hair in men is becoming popular day by day. In 2020, long hair will be more in fashion. The long hairstyle looks very attractive. Sometimes managing long hair becomes very irritating but,

Below are some styles by which you can now easily manage your hair:

  • Ponytail on medium length hair
  • Curly ponytail
  • Neat little pony
  • Soft mocha ponytail
  • White half ponytail
  • Messy up do

Voluminous Hairstyles for Men



Some hairstyles can never get out of the fashion just like the voluminously high-top fade haircut. There are many forms of this Hairstyle. Some are highly faded from back, and some haircuts have detail lines with razor and low fade and high fade both cuts are included in this hairstyle:

  • High fade haircut
  • High low fade masterpiece
  • Top fade design
  • Mohawk with dreadlocks
  • Arabian high-top haircut
  • Curly high-top with sideline

Top 5 Latest Mens Hairstyles 2020

There are many hairstyle options presented for every guy out there. Trends change with time and new trends always have something exciting for all of us. In 2020, many new trends are coming; including long hair, long hair on the top area of the head, trimmed hair, faded styles, tapered style and much more.

Men Hairstyle 2020 has the top list of new haircuts and styles.

Some gent’s latest hairstyles are mentioned below:

  •    Short haircut
  •    Medium length messy hairstyle
  •    Short business haircut
  •    Short side and brushed up top
  •    Short side and long bangs
  •    Chat conversation end

Reinvented Hairstyles:

Nowadays, new fashion trends are mostly inspired from old trends. Guys are re-inventing old hair styles over and again. Men Hairstyle 2020, also have many re-invented hairstyles.

  • Old Combover:

One of the perfect hairstyles is a comb-over style which works great for everyone, and it works for any type of face shape. This one won’t go out of style, so soon this will be in style for long. This style looks great.

  • Man Bun:

If you don’t like too long hair or hair buns, you can go with long messy hair with organized undercuts. This cut can go with any face shape. In this amazing haircut, the top hair is long but sides and back are short and undercut. This hairstyle looks good with a nicely trimmed beard.

  • Perfect back Slicked Hairstyle:

Slicked back is another stylish hairstyle for man. It is classy popular men’s hairstyle. A well-textured gel is needed with this hairstyle to make it easier for the hair to push back cleanly.

Best Hair Products for Men

We have compiled top hair products for Gents, so that your hair can look perfect.

  • Redken for Men Outplay Texture Putty:

It is incredibly versatile. Good for dry hair. This gel can provide tour hair hard texture and shine.

  • American Crew Pomade:

This product is perfect for curly hair. It provides you glossy and sophisticated finish. A fine gel suitable for all occasions.

  • Jack Black Hair Gel:

Light textured gel with good conditioning properties. It dries instantly. Tested by dermatologists.

  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair Master Wax:

It controls frizzy, smooth and unmanageable hair. It is a long lasting gel.

  • Baxter of California Clay Hair Pomade:

The hair Clay has natural wax and clay; it can maintain your hair for all day long. This product is basically for those guys who prefer a slightly dull look. This is basically a natural looking formula.

  • Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo:

This shampoo stops dryness and stops moisture loss. Best product for males.

Men’s Hairstyles Short on Sides and Long on Top:

The trendiest cuts in the list of Men Hairstyles 2019. This haircut includes such cuts:

  • Short Sides with Bangs & Fringe style.


Short Sides with Brushed Front and back.




Now you can understand about hairstyles and importance to have a good haircut. Your hair speaks a thousand words. Before selecting any hairstyle, be careful about your features, hair texture, and color.

Every hairstyle has its own unique cut. All kinds of hairstyles present formal cuts, professional cuts, regular cuts, and more.

For every hair man, there is mens hairstyle. Hairstyles, make your personality looks more vibrant and attractive. Divas, Music artists, and celebrities have their own style that represents their profession and personal taste.

There are also many hairstyles which are appropriate according to your face: round face, oval face, and square face. We all should try different hairstyles to enhance our personality and fashion sense. And Men hairstyle 2020 has many new trends, styles, haircuts and more. Some cuts are re-invented again with new designs and details, but some are new haircuts.